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Joseph A. Betz
Architect & Professor

Department of Architecture & Construction Management

Farmingdale State College - State University of New York

Brookhaven HDAC

(Historic District Advisory Committee)
3D Modeling Studies

Note: these images are based on drawings submitted for review to the HDAC at the public meetings.  The designs are owned and copyrighted by the designers/architects. They are an analytical tool to understand form, scale and contextual fit in the Historic District, for the HDAC committee.  They are not a complete representation of the proposed projects and lack materiality and detail.

These 3D modeling images are also used as an educational tool at Farmingdale State College SUNY under Educational Fair Use .

© Copyright 2023, All rights reserved.

HDAC 23-001 Revised Rear Stairs

Terry-Gordon complete stairs-Temp.jpeg

Comparison of proposed projects separated by 3 lots

(HDAC 21-102 & HDAC 23-025)

16 & 24 Mott Lane comparison.jpg

HDAC 21-102 Revised

24 Mott Lane image 1.jpg
24 Mott Lane image 2.jpg

HDAC 23-067

23-067 hdac.jpg
Garlin Addition - HDAC 21-067-a.jpeg
Garlin Addition - HDAC 21-067-b.jpeg

HDAC 23-025

HDAC 23-001

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