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Roe Tavern pre 1935 photo.jpg

The Roe Tavern pre1935 photo
 Currently located on Old Post Road, Setauket, NY

(Photo from the Brookhaven Town Historian)

Why is this home so important to the Town of Brookhaven?
The original house was built by Selah Strong around 1703 on North Country Road in Setauket. After his death, it was sold to the Woodhull family, who later sold it to Capt. Austin Roe. It was Roe who converted the home into a tavern.  The Culper Spy Ring was run out of the tavern during the Revolutionary War. General George Washington slept at the Roe Tavern on April 22, 1790.  According to some, his visit was to personally thank members of the Culper Spy Ring for their work.  The Roe Tavern was moved in 1936 to its current location on Old Post Road, see State Historic Marker on original site.
(See Village Times Herald article dated August 3, 2022

RT-animation C.gif

Roe Tavern development simulation from original 1703 home.
(3D Model by Joseph A. Betz, Architect)

Roe Tavern 3D Model of current form.
(3D Video by Joseph A. Betz, Architect)


Roe Tavern circa 1960.
(Photo from Art Billadello, edited)

Roe Taveren Today Winter 2024.JPG

Roe Tavern winter 2024.
(Photo by Joseph A. Betz, Architect)


Roe Tavern 3D Model 2024, as presented to the Town.
(by Joseph A. Betz, Architect)

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