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Architectural Design II - ARC 257

Prof. Joseph A. Betz, Architect

Course Outline



1. Form & Function:
Expression of Truth/Beauty

2. Contextual Fit:
Analysis & Design of Adding on


3. Light:
Form & Order Maker in Context

This is primarily a Digital Studio

(although physical sketch models will be used also and photographed)

Internet portfolios will be required, see notes below:

The external service we use is:

Web Portfolio Notes for appropriate content


Smith House AutoCAD Drawings are available on Google Drive

Farmingdale Campus AutoCAD Drawings are available on Google Drive

Microsoft GIF Animator is available on Google Drive

Use for contextual site information


  • MEMBER => Convert a line to structure, select, don't erase layout geometry

  • GROUP => keeps lines and objects together

  • 3DROTATE => select the axis to rotate the three-dimensional element

  • RENDER => from pulldown menu, select quality and render in window

       (note, please use mature colors and not the AutoCAD default colors) or use

  • MATERIALS => and select material type/color for rendering (it will not show up in Paper or Model space views) and to change Sections all white or add material colors for RENDERING

  • Use Mass Elements (3D to start) for Project 1 and Solids (drawn from 2D lines than converted) for Project 3.

  • 3D Solids and Mass Elements are different and won't subtract from each other.  Use BOOLEAN SUBTRACT or ADD by selecting both Mass Elements

  • SECTION => Home pulldown menu, vertical section, draw a line, enter,

         a rectangular box comes up, look at the command line for

  • VERTICALSECTION => specify insertion point (for 2D section)

         select dialog (for 3D section), select from Result box 3D Section/Elevation

  • SWEEP => 3D Railings (1.25" Radius); take any complex 2D shape and sweep along a path including house sections to get curved homes.

  • LOFT => For tapered columns, cups, domes, etc.

  • SURFNETWORK => Note (only 4 lines not joined - 3D Solid Compound Curved Surfaces).  Use THICKEN to give the surface wall or roof thickness.

  • Other Solid commands: JOIN, EXTRUDE, PRESSPULL to edit extruded 2D linework to 3D solids 

  • CONVERTTO3DSOLIDS = > Convert AutoCAD Architectural walls to 3D solids which then you can subtract from.

  • PEDIT (PE) => converts lines to polylines to make diagrams with thickness.  Use Multiple to select more than one line and select width to make a wide line. 

  • Use SUBTRACT or UNION commands to cut or add to the 3D solid.

  • See YouTube Video:

  • Convert Mass Element to 3D Solid (Mass and Solids don't work together!):

  1. Select the mass element to convert.

  2. Click Mass Element tab => Convert To panel  Convert To 3D Solid. 

  3. When prompted to erase the original geometry, press Enter to keep the mass element, or enter y (Yes) to erase it.

NAAB Accredited Programs

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  • Gregory Tozer
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