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Planning for Architecture Graduate School

Career path toward licensure: 3 “Es”

  • Education: Degree requirements (varies by state)

  • Experience: AXP (Architectural Experience Program)

  • Exam: ARE (Architect Registration Exam) six divisions


Types of degrees:

  • Pre-professional degree: BS Arch. or Arch.Eng.Tech. or Arch.Tech., etc.

  • Professional degree: B.Arch (5-Year), M.Arch (3-year) M.Arch (BS Arch + 2-year)

  • Post-professional: M.Arch II, MS Arch, MS UrbanDes, MS Sustain.Des, etc.


Status: BS vs. M.Arch (undergraduate vs. graduate degree) in NYS

  • It's more than 7-years experience (NYS only) vs. 3-years experience (nationally)

  • Think of the M.Arch as a career long 40-year plus advantage

  • It opens corporate, educational, governmental and institutional doors


Licensure: NCARB


State-by-state Requirements:

NYS is unique in allowing 12-years of experience without a professional NAAB degree

Advanced Planning for graduate school:

  • GPA: 3.0+

  • Portfolio 




Grad Application process with examples:

  • GPA is an important factor for acceptance and scholarships.

  • Portfolio (examples on Brightspace)

  • CV Resume (example with categories)

  • Essay (your story - the Why and Contribution - your vision to solve societal issues, i.e. global warming, affordable housing, sustainability, zero-carbon, etc.)

  • Letters of Recommendation (stay on good terms with design faculty).

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